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27.1-29.1.2017  Eastpoint Open londistane race Finland

Race Center: Ruunaan Matkailu
Siikakoskentie 47, 81750 Pankakoski
- accommodations reserved when mushers registrate:

Classes and competition trips:
Long distance sleddograce LDU , Eastpoint 300
- limited 10
dog class*
Long distance sleddograce LDL, Eastpoint 100
- limited 6-8 dog class
29.1 Veight pulling on snow , Lieksa railwaystation

Race Schedule 

Thursday 26.1.2017
- Race entry 17:00


Stage 1, 110 km, LDU ja LDL 8 dog teams both classes
Ruunaan Matkailu - Jongunjoki - Ruunaan Matkailu.

- Musher meeting kello 9:00
- Race starts kello 11:00
- Finishline kello: 16.:30-21.00
- Eastpoint 100 price ceremony kello 21:00

After first Stage Eastpoint 300 teams can park at startingarea cars etc...
- Ensimmäisen kilpailupäivän jälkeen valjakot palaaavat parkkialueelle kilpailukeskukseen,
kilpailukeskuksessa 300 km  valjakoilla on vapaa huoto ja rajoitetun luokan maali

Stage 2  100 km, LDU
Ruunaan Matkailu
- Pitkäjärvi - Hatunkylä - Ruunaan Matkailu

Saturday 20.1.2017

300 km mushers start 10 dog team
- LDU 2 start  kello 8:00 takaa-ajolähtönä / kundensen.
- Checkpoint in kello: 13:00 - 18:00
Checkpointilla mandatory 4 hour rest, musher take care of his team..

Stage 3  100 km, LDU
Ruunaan Matkailu
- Pitkäjärvi - Hatunkylä - Ruunaan Matkailu
- Checkpoint out: 17:00 -22:00
Fimish Linen: 22:00 - 08:00

Sunday 29.1.3017
- Weight pulling on snow kello 12:00 Lieksa railwaystation

During the competition is One time minimum 4 hours mandatory rest
Race rules: VUL - IFSS.
Special rules and mandatory equipment :

Race organisation: Carelian Eastpoint RY, VUL, SHS
Race website:

Entry fee :
LDU 300 km race: 300 €.
pre entry fee: 50 €.
entry fee includes accommodation and meals for a competitor during a competition.
- Handler
accommodation126 €.

LDL 110 km race: 150 €
pre entry fee: 50 €.
entry fee do not includes accommodation only 1 meals for a competitor after the race.
and Sauna.

Osaanottomaksu maksetaan tilille: Carelian Eastpoint RY
    IBAN: FI83 5343 0720 0757 82
    BIC: OKOYFIHH Osuuspankki Lieksa (POHJOLA PANKKI OYJ).

Registration :

last day of registration 5.1.2017
tel: Juha Hyvönen 040 371 0095

Race leader : Juha Hyvönen 040 371 0095
Race secretaryi : Pia Isomursu
Race judge : Juha Hyvönen, Pekka Mertala, Rami Kurikka
Veterinarian: Mervi Saviranta
Trail master: Jarkko Peltola

International Federation of Sleddog Sports, Inc.  Race Rules, Part B, Sled, Distance classes


The race is judged according to the Long Distance Rules  of the IFSS association, and the special rules applying to Eastpoint open .
All mushers must have read and acknowledge the rules.
- Eastpoint Open has in addition to established the following rules and policies that will apply to the race.

Race class.
- Open class is limited in 10 dogs *  frirst stage Friday 110 km race 8 dogs
- there has to be minimum of 8 dogs at the starting line.
.  At the finish line an open class team have to have a minimum of 6 dogs **.

* based on IFSS rule 35.2.5.
**  teams can start at checkpoints minimun 6 dog team.


-  Every dog  has to be micro chipped, vaccinated and age more than 18 monts.

- Before the mandatory mushers meeting the mushers must deliver at The Race office:
List with chip numbers and names of the dogs used in the race (two copies)

- A map with the trail marked on given to mushers at Musher meeting

- The teams starts with a 1 - one - minute interval.

- Teams that have signed up after the first deadline will start in the sign up order.

-  Mushers are not allowed to use public roads on any part of the trail except where  race trail has marked the trail to follow roads.
Information will be given at the drivers meeting.

-  All musher must have cable in the towline

- Musher may  receive an empty sled two times during the race

- No mans land is marked and would be informed at the mushers meeting

- A musher scratching from the race has to report to Eastpoint as soon as possible.

- Protests, in writing, must be given to race officials no later than 30 min after last team has crossed the finish line.
A fee of 1000 € must follow the protest.


- Mushers must personally sign in and out at checkpoint.

- A dog in sled when arriving a checkpoint, is considered in the team unless the musher wants to drop the dog.

- Race  has two minimum 4 hours resting spot.
Checkpoint area is in race center, but the dogs are not allowed to go to parking  area exept if the team scratch or if dog has dropped out.

-  Dogs can be dropped at any of the checkpoints. Dropped dog will be notified to the Race Officials at the checkpoint.
Any dropped dog must be left with 1 kg of dog food unless the dog straight away is taken over by the mushers handlers.

-  Depot sacks can be delivered by handlers on both checkpoints and All depot sacks MUST be marked with the musher’s name,
and are to be placed where detailed.

 - Depot sacks can only contains: Doog food, Snow hooks, Dog blankets, blankets, batteries, dog booties, wrist warmers,
foot and leg ointments for dogs - sled plastic - fuel for cooker

- All care of dog, gear and feeding of dogs must be done only by the musher in the designated holding area at the checkpoint.
Cold water and a pallet of hay is given to all teams at checkpoint.

-   No help is allowed with the team at the checkpoints. The only assistance allowed is getting help handling the team in and out of checkpoint.

-  Any other outside assistance at checkpoint can result in disqualification of the musher.

-  Musher and dogs can use his/hers own tent that has been in the sled from the start.

- Dead dog: If a dog dies between two checkpoints, the dog has to be carried to the next checkpoint or the musher can return to the former checkpoint. The dog must be carried in the sled and be properly covered up when arriving at the checkpoint. Having checked in the musher must, as fast as possible, notify the race marshal or the race veterinarian about what has happened.

- The musher is not allowed to continue the race unless permission is given by  the race marshal or the race veterinarian. The musher may be disqualified if an inspection of the dog shows that the musher has mistreated the dog or otherwise is due to the death of the dog. The musher may also be disqualified if he/ she at a former checkpoint have got an instruction in writing from the race officials to leave the dog behind. The musher may also be disqualified if the death is due to dehydration or hypothermia. The finish line  is also considered as checkpoints in such cases. If autopsy is needed the musher will not be charged.


- At all times, each musher must have with them the following items. sleds will be checked before start

- Mandatory items that are lost or damaged can be replaced from the depot bag ,
but must first be approved by via a race marshal, judge or checkpoint official.

- Compass and map.

- Snow shovel.

- Winter sleeping bag (minimum 2 kg)
- Tent or Extreme survival bag (windproof). This must weigh at least 1200 grams.

- Water cooker with capacity for ½ litre water per dog in the team. And ½ litre liquid fuel

- Rubbish sack.

- Extra clothing (trousers, jacket and boots).

- First aid equipment.

- Axe or long knife.

- Head torch and batteries.

- 4 booties per dog (either in the sled or in use).

- Matches

- Light stick or signal flare that can be used in an emergency + Mobile phone.
This item is to be carried in the pocket, on the musher’s person.

- Emergency food rations for the musher for 24 hours. (minimum 1/2 kg)

- Wire or chain for use on dropdogs, min 40cm long.  Atleast 1 for each dog left over 6 dogs.
Thats mean if you start with 10 dogs you must have 4 wires or chaines.

- 500g emergency food per dog, sealed by the race arranger and which should, under normal circumstances, arrive unused at the finishline.


1. Import of dogs from EU- countries and Norway:
- ID: microchip or clearly readable tattoo. Tattoo accepted if made (and can be proved) before 3.7.2011
- rabies vaccination (21 days before import)
- echinococcosis treatment with praziquantel or epsiprantel given 1-5 days before import (Not required from Norway)
- EU- passport (carrying all  information about identification, vaccinations and echinococcus treatment)
2. Import from other countries
- see above and for further information contact Finnish Food Safety Authority (EVIRA) by email:
3. When travelling with 5 or more dogs, always contact your local veterinary officer before trip.

Veterinarian by phone +358400229929
or by email

Welcome to the registration for Eastpoint Open 2017 Long Distance Race.
Please, fill in the following form completely, thank you!
We also need your profile photo for musher presentations. Please send you photo in jpeg-format to the following email address: webmaster(at)


Entry Fee: 300 € LDu, 150 € LDL
Carelian Eastpoint RY IBAN: FI83 5343 0720 0757 82
Put your name and race name in message when you pay.

50 € must be paid upon registration.
This is considered as a registration fee and will not be refunded if you should cancel your participation in the race.
rest of the entry fee 250 € have to pe payed 5.1.2017

Entry fee includes 126 € accomadation in race center.